Ceilng Cassette 4way 藏天花卡式機

Model No.                      
FDT28KXE6F FDT90KXE6F               Remote control (option)
FDT36KXE6F FDT112KXE6F                  
FDT45KXE6F FDT140KXE6F             Wired    
FDT56KXE6F FDT160KXE6F                

Individual flap control system
According to room temperature conditions, four directions of air flow can be controlled by individual flap as preferred.  
As individual flap control is available even after installation, installation area became wider than before.    

The thinnest design
Thanks to new design of heat exchanger changed from 2 parts to 1 part, the height of indoor unit is reduced drastically.  
Furthermore applying DC fan motors to FDT models, the highest energy efficiency level, reduction of weight and significant
compact design are realized.                    

Flap control system
Selection of flap position is possible.                    
Individual flaps can be set at different angles.                  
*RCH-E3 is not applicable to the                    
Individual flap control system                    
and the Flap control system.                    


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