Outdoor Air Processing unit


Model No.




Fan control kit 100~200Pa (option)


Remote control (option)





Air conditioning and intake of outdoor air are in the same system

Outdoor Air processing unit can be connected in a KX6 system as one of indoor unit series and can

create fresh and comfortable air supply together from our high advanced technology.

FDU-F 01



Compact Design


Compact design at just 360mm in height, high static pressure of

200Pa and the industry's lowest noise level can meet various kind

of installation location for office, refresh room, restroom and kitchen of restaurant etc.

FDU-F 02


  • This unit is the specific unit for processing the outdoor air temperature closer to the room temperature. For conditioning the room temperature a dedicated air-conditioner is required additionally.
  • This unit monitors the outdoor air temperature and controls thermostat ON/OFF at the setting temperature by the remote controller, which indicates the outdoor air temperature for controlling thermostat ON/OFF. When thermostat is turned OFF, the operation is changed to the fan mode so that unprocessed outdoor air will be blown into the room directly. Therefore place the air outlet port or orient the air outlet direction not to blow air directly to persons in the room, especially in the small room such as a restroom and/or sanitary hot water supplying room.
  • It is strictly prohibited to monitor the room temperature by switching to the thermistor at remote controller side and/or the optional remote thermistor. Otherwise dew formation at air outlet port and/or dew dripping may occur during cooling operation due to the lower outdoor air temperature. Therefore keep the remote controller of this unit in place closer to the administrator so as not to be touched it freely by the end user.
  • Dehumidifying operation with this unit is prohibited.
  • When handing over this unit to the end user, make sure to explain sufficiently about the foregoing cautions, the installation place and usage of remote control for this unit and the location of the air outlet.


Connectivity & Combination with KX6 series with KX6 series


FDU-F series are connectable to 8~48HP KX6 outdoor units, not connectable to 4~6HP.
8 ~ 48 HP : Yes , 4 ~ 6 HP : No


FDU-F 03


Concept (Difference between FDU-F and SAF)


SAF is the energy recovery ventilation unit which can recover heat energy from exhaust air to supply air and "has no air processing
function, but FDU-F is air processing unit which can treat the supply air closer to room temperature by cooling or heating in connection
with KX6 refrigerant system and exhaust air is discharged to outside of the room.

FDU-F 04



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