KX6 14,16 HP

KX6 Outdoor units
Heat pump systems 14, 16hp (40.0kW~45.0kW)


Model No.   Nominal Cooling Capacity        
FDC400KXE6 40.0kW          
FDC450KXE6 45.0kW          
The KX6 heat pump 2-pipe systems offer high performance VRF for      
applications that require either cooling only or heating only, ideal      
for open plan areas.            
Connect up to 40 indoor units/up to 200% capacity.        
High efficiency with COP (in cooling) up to 3.6.        
KX6 employs DC inverter compressors ONLY.        
Industry leading total piping length up to 1000m and        
a maximum pipe run of 160m.          











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