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  • Wide Range of Operation

    KX6 series permits a system design considering a heating range operation under a low temperature condition up to -20ºC from -15ºC of previous model and a cooling range operation under -15ºC from -5ºC of that.


    For the capacities under low temperature conditions, refer to technical manual.

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  • New Compact Design







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  • New Inverter Control (Vector control)

    New Inverter Control has applied new advanced technology of Vector control and has realized high efficiency.

    • Smooth operation from low speed to high speed
    • Smooth Sine Voltage Wave form are attained
    • Energy efficiency is further improved in low speed range

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  • 3D Scroll Compressor

    Unit start up speed in heating mode drastically improved for lower outdoor temperature operation.

    (3D compressors are applied for 12HP, 20HP, 22HP & 24HP.)


    3D scroll compressor has the different height scroll at the outside and the inside.
    A high compression ratio is improved by compressing the refrigerant both radially and axially.
    3-Dimension Compression has been realized with a much higher efficiency even if compression ratio is high.


    The strength of the scroll is improved by reducing the height of the inner wrap, which receives a heavy load.

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  • Optimum Refrigerant System Control

    We have improved refrigeration circuit from our long experience and have realized following Optimum Refrigerant System Control.

    • Optimum heat exchanger refrigerant distribution
    • Advanced refrigerant liquid return protection control system
    • High speed system control by new Superlink system
    • Use of larger diameter for suction piping and discharge piping and redesigned of double tube

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  • DC Fan Motor

    Employment of DC fan motor has enabled to realize an excellent efficiency of approximate 60% higher than previous models.


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  • High Efficiency (KX6)

    The industry's highest COP levels

    We have cleared the class A standard, the highest energy saving level, with our high COP (Coefficient Of Performance).



    *COP = Capacity[kW] / Power Consumption[kW]
    *COP across the KX6 range ensures reduced running costs and reduced environmental impact.

    • HighEfficiency
  • Long Pipe Length

    Piping length has extended max height difference between indoor units from 4m to 18m and enables us to put indoor unit on extra three floors.

    As a result of the adoption of thinner refrigerant piping and refrigerant volume reductions, the industry's longest 160 m actual piping length or 1000m total piping length is realized.




    (1)Divide up the refrigerant system into independent refrigeration circuit systems in case required additional refrigerant on site is 50kg or more for 14~24HP and 100kg or more for 26~48HP.
    (2)In case indoor unit connection capacity is 130% or more or total piping length is 510m or more, additional charge of refrigerant and oil on site is required. Refer to our Installation Manual for details.

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  • More connectable indoor units

    KX6 enable more connectable indoor units (per kW), compared with former model KX4.


    • DesignFlexibility
  • Increased indoor unit connection capacity

    KX6 series(4~34HP) can connect indoor unit capacity up to 150~200% from 130% of previous models.
    If the connection capacity of indoor units is more than 100%, capacity of each indoor unit may be affected by connection capacity ratio.


    • In case that capacity connection is more than 130%, additional charge of refrigerant is required on site.
    • In case of 8-34HP of KX6 system, if one or more indoor units of FDK, FDFL,FDFU and/or FDFW series are connected to the system, the total connecting capacity of indoor units should not exceed 130%.


    • DesignFlexibility

    • Control Box size reduction
    • PCB size reduced by 50 %
    Control PCB: Single-sided board -> Double-sided board
    Inverter PCB: Power transistor size reduction
    • New Superlink system control
    • New Design method applied


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